Internal Accounting

Daily upkeep, financial tracking and record keeping are the most overlooked aspect of growing or scaling any successful business.

Assessment and Planning

We understand the true value in helping business owners look at their business from the outside in. We help you take a step back.

Your Personal CFO

Managing wealth effectively requires time, expertise, and seamless coordination to align strategies towards common goals.


In 2001, after years of serving as a Chief Financial Officer for large higher-end enterprises, Greg Parker founded Creative Business Resources. His intricate knowledge of company finances, as well as their involvement in strategic planning, has made him a highly-accomplished and sought after financial and operations trouble-shooter and business mentor. Greg’s experience has led him to understand that regardless of how well a company can deliver their products and services, most have difficulty understanding how their overall financial picture affects their ability to expand and capitalize on new opportunities. There’s no questions that he provides business owners and executives with the financial expertise needed to take their businesses to the next level.